Butter re-packing line

Butter re-packing line is designed to re-pack butter from 10-25 kg butter blocks into consumer size portions. First butter block has to be cut and homogenized before wrapping. This function is necessary to regain butter properties as they have been before freezing. When butter is homogenized it is ready again for filling and wrapping into bricks. Butter portions are grouped in desired configuration (number of layers, number of rows and portions in one row) and the block of portions is pushed into prepared carton box.

The line consists of three or four different machines – SLP+ SHG+ARM+DSU or BH+ARM+DSU. Each machine performs a dedicated function and is designed to work with each other as a complete system.

Main features

  • Re-pack butter from 10-25 kg butter blocks into consumer size portions.
  • Applicable product: butter.
  • Output – up to 1 200 kg/h (depends on different size of butter brick).
  • Butter block is cut into 20-90 mm thickness pieces – SLP.
  • Butter block in core temperature is +4….+10°C.
  • Butter is reworked with homogenizer – SHG or BH.
  • After reworking butter is prepared to fill and wrap with ARM machine.
  • Sizes of package: 50 – 1000 g machine modifications cover a wide dosing range and a large variety of bricks’ sizes:
    • ARM 50-100 g, capacity up to 70 packs/min.
    • ARM 100-250 g, capacity up to 70 packs/min.
    • ARM 200-500 g, capacity up to 40 packs/min.
    • ARM 500-1000 g, capacity up to 20 packs/min.
  • When butter is wrapped in aluminum foil or parchment paper, butter bricks are fed by transporter to the case packer DSU.
  • Operator places a prepared carton box. DSU machine collates, stacks and pushes the block of butter portions into box. The box is removed from the machine manually.
  • Safety covers for each re-packing line’s machine.
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