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SHG – Butter homogenizer

Butter homogenizer SHG is designed to rework bulk butter before re-packaging. Homogenizer SHG can be used with any butter filling and wrapping machine.

Main features

  • Homogenizing is necessary to regain butter properties as they were before long storage or deep freezing. When butter is homogenized, it is ready again for packaging into customer size portions.
  • Applicable product: butter.
  • Hopper with two augers, volume 60 kg.
  • Machine’s output: 1520 kg/ h.
  • Product input temperature: +6….+10 °C.
  • Product output temperature: +12….+14 °C.
  • Relay logic and control panel with buttons and switches.
  • Machine body covers from stainless steel.
  • Hopper cover with sensor (optional).
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Hopper protect sensor
Sensor is intended to trace product level in the hopper. The surplus of the product in homogenizer stops the butter block cutting machine. When product level decreases, the butter block cutting machine continuos working.

Hopper cover
Polycarbonate cover is designed for hygiene and protection during the running of machine. The cover has a locking system – when the machine is running, the doors are locked automatically. The cover is non CIP able.

Hopper stop-frame with sensor
Once the protection frame is pushed down, it automatically stops the augers.

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