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Fasa- packacking technology more than 60 years


Food processing - machinery and equipment. Metal processing.

JSC FASA manufactures dosing and packaging equipment for dairy products. Since 1959 (more than 60 years) the company has accumulated vast experience in packaging field and is well known in dairy industry all over the world.

We improve every day, we change, we try to be modern, we listen to needs and observations of our customers. Today we can proudly say that about 99 % of our products are exported. We sell in more than 75 foreign countries of Europe, Africa, Central Asia, Middle and Far East, South America, Australia.

Fasa packaging equipment is designed for butter, margarine, processed cheese, yogurt, curd, sandwich type ice-cream. The market situation has changed within 60 years, that is why currently we produce equipment for each customer needs.

We offer reliable packaging equipment for small and medium dairy plants. Our company produces high quality packaging equipment that comply with CE requirements. We care about our customers, as well as about the sold equipment: we test the manufactured equipment with the product at the factory, our technicians install and commission the equipment at the customer’s factory, we provide a warranty, we consult and produce spare parts. Quality of our equipment is ensured by applied of modern equipment and tools, by duly adjusted processes and qualified specialists. All stages of manufacturing of FASA equipment are performed at FASA facilities — from metal cutting and processing to assembly.

More than 120 employees are working at FASA company and more than 30 distributors are working all over the world. We are proud of our loyal and responsible FASA team and of our dear customers.




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Our mission

Our mission is to create relationships with customers and provide reliable, innovative, high quality packaging equipment for food products.
Satisfaction of customers’ needs is the first priority. We apply modern machinery and regularly modify it so that the manufactured packaging equipment complies with customers’ wishes and expectations. Our managers create friendly relationships with present and future customers. We are always ready to help our customers; therefore, we always communicate with them even after the equipment was sold.
We want our customers not only to buy high quality packaging equipment but also to feel welcome in our company and to trust FASA.

Why choose us

JSC FASA (FASA AB) was established in 1959, it works for more than 60 years, more than 1500 customers worldwide trust our company. So we can easily say that FASA worth choosing, since:

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