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ARU - Processed cheese filling and wrapping machine

Processed cheese filling and wrapping machine – ARU – automatic packaging machine for foiling of processed and cream cheese with aluminum foil with or without easy opening system and labeling.

Main features

  • Filling and wrapping machine for processed cheese into consumer size portions;
  • Product to pack: processed cheese, cream cheese;
  • Machine’s output: up to 50 packages/ min;
  • Sizes of package: 16,6 g; 20 g; 30 g; 50 g; 62,5 g; 100 g;
  • Shapes of package: rectangular shape portions;
  • Packaging materials: aluminium foil laminate; aluminum foil laminate with tear strip applicator – as an option;
  • Tear strip material: OPP/OPP packaging tape to be heat-sealed with aluminium foil;
  • The compact design, productivity, durability and easy technical maintenance are exclusive features of this machine.
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Protective work table cover with blocking units (org. glass and metal)

Cover will have a metal frame and organic glass panels to cover the work table. The frame has a locking system – when the machine is running, the doors are locked automatically. The doors can be opened only when machine is stopped.

Label centring device with photocell

Device is used when labelling option is not needed. It ensures that the printing process on the packaging material would be always at the default location (at the visible package plane between the centering marks).

Set of recommended spare parts for 2 years

Most consumable-recommended spare parts set for 2 years.

Wide semi-round label

For storing more information on package label or making front picture bigger, we recommend wide semi-round labelling. The kind of label is useful because it covers three sides of the package – less visible damage after transporting or placing packages on shelves.

Labelling device

Labelling is useful for displaying information related to the product. The labelling option is usual for the kind of packaging, when customer does not want the wide semi-round label.

HEPA Chamber

Protective stainless steel frame with polycarbonate panels around the machine with the incoming air filtration system.


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