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Continuous Butter making Machine

Continuous Butter Making machine for butter production from ripened cream. Different modification machines process up to 8 000 l/hour of cream.

Main features

  • Continuous butter making machine for butter production from ripened cream.
  • Machine’s output – up to 8 000 l/hour.
  • Butter milk fat content – up to 0,5 %.
  • Cream fat content 35 up to 42 %.
  • Continuous Butter Making machine consists of:
    • Cream beater;
    • Churning section and separation drum;
    • Kneading section 1, with vacuum chamber, with light;
    • Kneading section 2;
    • Butter milk collection tank with level control;
    • Butter milk pump for recirculation and pumping out;
    • Tube type exchanger for butter milk cooling;
    • Internal piping.
  • Design for easy maintenance.
  • Built up design for each processing stage with frequency-controlled drives.
  • CIP cleaning.

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Butter making machines can be equipped with different kinds of dosing units: for moisture, culture, oil (for spreads production), dry ingredients (herbs, cacao etc.) and salt slurry. Moisture level can be measured and controlled automatically with a special moisture metering system.


Butter produced with a continuous butter maker can be fed with a butter pump first to a butter silo of the required capacity, and then to the packaging machines or bulk filling machine.

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