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RFS 40 - Cup / tub filling machine

Cup or tub filling and sealing machine – RFS 40 machine is designed for butter, margarine, yogurt, processed cheese to be filled into pre-made containers with aluminum foil and/or lids.

Main features

  • Cup / tub filling and sealing machine for packing the paste-type products and liquid products;
  • Product to pack: butter, margarine, spreads, processed cheese, yogurt, cream;
  • Machine’s output: up to 40 portions/ min;
  • Machine’s type: rotary;
  • Sizes of package: 200 – 1000 g;
  • Packaging materials: pre-formed plastic cups, tubs, containers with heat seal-able aluminium foil lids, PP, PS lids.
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New 2018 Generation of RFS 40 which you will enjoy in daily use:

  • Machine is more ergonomic and user-friendly;
  • Simple maintenance and more convenient washing of the machine;
  • Quick and easy changing the of cup/ tub format;
  • Dosing range is increased till 1000 g;
  • The main drive of rotating table is more durable;
  • New modern pneumatic system;
  • Easy mechanical regulation and adjustment.

Benefits for your dairy experience

Wider dosing range

The range of package size is from 200 g up to 1000 g. Machine’s output depends on volume and product viscosity and can be reached up to 40 packages/ min.

Accurate dosing

The machines fill and seal such products like butter, margarine, spreads, processed cheese and other products of paste type consistencies with a certain filling level.  Yogurt, cream or other liquid products can also be filled. The dosing device accurately fills pre-made plastic cups, tubs, containers and prevents from product loss. UV disinfection lamp is used for sterilization of packaging before the product filling.

Easy operation and maintenance

The machine is very simple to operate and maintain. Well-established technical concept with a clear structure ensures an easy access to machine’s parts for maintenance. Simple PLC control with easy operating via touch screen panel.

After Sale Service

The Customer Service team provides commissioning, after sales support and service. Customer training is carried out for a technical personnel at Customer’s place. Consultations and troubleshooting remotely for a quick and timely technical support.


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