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AR6U - Processed cheese packaging, cartoning machine

AR6U is an automatic packaging machine for foiling and heat-sealing of processed cheese with aluminum foil and packing into individual carton.

Main features

  • Applicable products: processed cheese, cream cheese.
  • Type of dosing – volumetric.
  • Double jacket (heating) 85l hopper with agitator.
  • Machine’s output: up to 30 packs/ min.
  • Sizes of package: 180 – 225 g (one size).
  • Shapes of package – rectangular.
  • Product input temperature: +65….+75 °C.
  • Packaging materials: coated aluminum foil and pre-cut cardboard blank.
  • Heat-sealed package from coated aluminum foil.
  • PLC and HMI with Touch Screen.
  • Foil cuts collecting system.
  • Hot glue system “Robatech”.
  • Machine safety covers.
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