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Production subcontracting

Since we are making most of our machinery parts, we are offering our clients production-subcontracting services. We have all metal processing facilities from mechanical processing to the final product.


Laser cutting
We use laser cutting machine – MAZAK OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 Fiber 4kW with the main features:
Maximum workpiece – 1525 x 3000 mm;
Maximum workpiece weight – 900 kg.

Other technical details:
Positioning accuracy X-Y: ± 0.05 / 500 mm
Repeatability X-X-Z: ± 0.03 mm
Maximum raw material thickness
Steel, O2: 15 mm
Steel, N2: 6 mm
Stainless steel, N2: 12 mm
Aluminum, N2: 12 mm
Galvanized sheet, N2: 5 mm
Brass, N2: 6 mm
Copper, N2: 6 mm

Water cutting (From 2017 IV Q)
We use water cutting machine – Tk-Trump50-G3015-DYB with the main features:
The working dimensions – 3050 x 1050 mm
Thickness – 120 mm
Max. Pressure – 4200 bar

Wire cutting (From 2017 IV Q)
We use wire cutting machine – CNC Wire Cut EDM DK7780 with the main features:
Max. Cutting thickness – 500 mm Table size – 800 x 1000 mm

darbuotojas naudoja FASA įrenginį

Mechanical processing

Mechanical processing consists of:

Center-type turning: maximum diameter of the part – 630 mm; length – 1500 mm.
Carousel-type turning: maximum diameter of the part – 1600 mm; height – 1000 mm.
CNC turning: Maximum diameter of spindle – 250 mm; Distance between centres – 400 mm; Speed of spindle: 4000 rotations/min.

We perform vertical and horizontal milling. According to available equipment, the maximum dimensions of processable parts:

Machine Processable dimensions (X, Y, Z)
Mazak VTC300C 1650 x 760 x 500
Mazak VCN510C 1300 x 550 x 500
Universal for milling 1000 x 1000 x 1000

We use programmed and universal boring machines: maximum parts dimensions – 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm.

Gear wheel treatment
We treat the following types of gear-wheels:
Treatment of conical gear-wheels: maximum module m=10, diameter – 125 mm.
Treatment of cylindrical gear-wheels: maximum module m=10, diameter – 500 mm.

Precise, smooth surface polishing: maximum length of the parts – 1250 mm; width – 320 mm.
External cylindrical surface polishing: maximum length of the parts – 1250 mm; diameter – 200 mm.
Parts internal polishing: maximum length of the parts – 80 mm; diameter of a hole – 100 mm.

Bending machines ERMAK: maximum length – 3 000 mm.

For rolling we use BENDMAK CYL-STH 230-20 / 13 machine, with the following features:
Working length – 2 100 mm
Max. thickness – 10 mm
Roller dimensions – 230/230/190 mm

FASA darbuotojas virina


We weld aluminum, structural steel and stainless steel parts. Welding technologies: MIG / MAG / TIG.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment with vitreous globules
Cleaning by vitreous globules improves stainless steel surface quality. We use small vitreous globules for better effect. The process accomplished in a separated room.

Surface treatment with pellet sling
Cleaning by pellet sling is very important in the process of production. It includes cleaning of moldings, improvement of surface quality before coating and treatment of metal construction. Cleaning accomplished in a special machine. Maximum measurements of the parts: 6 000 x 6 000 x 3 000 mm.


The dyeing bar is suitable for dyeing of various steel, scouring and other metals in a wet and powder way. The parts are dried in a specially designed chamber.

Wet dyeing
The dyeing bar is adapted for dyeing of various steel, scouring and other metals in a wet manner. The parts are dried in a specially designed chamber. Parts before painting can be coated.

Powder dyeing
Powder for powder coating is a blend of pigment and finely ground resin particles. Powders that are electrically charged and sprayed on metal or aluminum surfaces that require coating. When heated with a powder coated product in the furnace, the charged particles of powder are held on the surface of the grounded product until it melts and forms a solid and even coating.
Powder coating equipment and advanced powder coating technology is used to dye aluminum profiles, black and galvanized metal, cast iron and casting.
Powder coating – Eco-friendly coating – Environment friendly cause it does not contain carcinogens and organic volatile particles (VOCs).

Galvanic processing

We provide these services:
Electrochemical polishing
Yellow “rainbow” zincification (thickness up to 28 microns)
Hard chroming (coating thickness up to 1 mm)

Thermal treatment

We provide the following services:
Hardening of the parts in the electric furnaces. It contains maximum weight of 10kg.
HDS Hardening: surface hardening of structural steel using high-frequency current.
Cementing of low carbon steel.

Contact information

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Irmantas Breiteris

Subcontracting Manager
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