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Processed cheese production line

Processed cheese production line is dedicated for cheese processing, creaming and preparing for packaging with ARU series machines. Each piece of equipment performs its function and is designed to work with each other as a complete system.

Main features

  • UCM series machines are dedicated for processed cheese production, but it can also be used for processing of sauces, spreads, dressings, baby food, confectionary fillings and other paste type products;
  • Creaming balance tank is used for balancing UCM machine, keeping product with desired temperature, to obtain necessary texture. It has the capacity from 300l to 2000l. 500l is recommended for usage with UCM-60, 1000l with UCM-170.
  • Balance tank is equipped with an electric motor (1.5kW 30 rpm) to mix the product. For heating or cooling, steam or cold water can be supplied to the double jacket.
  • ARU series machines (ARU, AR6U, ARU-T)  are the automatic packaging machines for foiling of processed and cream cheese with aluminum foil with or without easy opening system, labeling into cartons.
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Benefits for your dairy experience

Configurable for many different applications

Every product, that has to be mixed, cooked, cooled, dispersed, emulsified, deaerated and etc. can be prepared with UCM series machine.

Balanced production

Few batches of the product, produced with the UCM, can be transferred to the balance tank.

Easy to maintain products properties before packing

With the help of the balance tank, it is easy to keep a desired temperature, obtain necessary texture of the product, and prepare product to be packed.

Short batch times

Product, depending of the quantity and the recipe, is processed within 4-6 minutes with UCM-60, and 8-12 minutes with UCM-170.


Creaming balance tank has the capacity from 300l to 2000l. Customer can order tank with any desired capacity.

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