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Butter or margarine reworking and tempering lines

Butter or margarine reworking and tempering lines. Fully compatible with ARM and EMF series packing machines.

Main features

  • Minimal butter bulks temperature in core: -25°С;
  • Maximum capacity of the line: 10 000 kg/ h;
  • Homogeneous moisture distribution, with droplet size 4µm;
  • Optimal heat transfer and gentle kneading prevents from loss of moisture (no shearing forces);
  • The butter texturizer improves spreadability of the final product, and also moisture distribution;
  • CIP;
  • Automatic depalletizing, deboxing, unwrapping and feeding equipment.
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Benefits for your dairy experience

Blending and mixing

Our reworking lines can be equipped with different kinds of dosing units: for moisture, culture, oil (for spreads production), dry ingredients (mushroom, herbs, cacao etc) and salt slurry. Moisture level can be measured and controlled automatically with a special moisture metering system.

Tempering of frozen product

Frozen products – down to -25°С

User-friendly and integratable to existing lines

Our reworking lines are user-friendly, compact and easy to maintain. We can integrate our machinery into your existing processing line or offer you a complete production solution.

Individual projects

At all the stages of production our clients see the evidence of perfect performance from the very first contact up to and including commissioning of the plant. Each customer is treated as an individual and provided with a solution entirely geared to its own particular needs – outstanding and convincing quality. This is the mission of our company and its staff.

Short delivery time

All the equipment is produced at one plant, which makes it possible to offer short delivery terms both for machines and spare parts.

  • Standard equipment (˃ -3°С)
  • With tempering conveyers (˃ -12°С)
  • With tempering system: (˃ -25°С)
  • Blending

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