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UCM 170 – Universal Cooking Machine

Universal Cooking Machine UCM 170 processed cheese production machine, fully compatible with ARU series processed cheese packaging machines.

Main features

  • UCM-170 dedicated for processed cheese production, but it can also be used for processing of sauces, spreads, dressings, baby food, confectionary fillings and other paste type products;
  • Maximum 170l of product is processed in 8-12 minutes;
  • Maximum operating temperature of the product is 95°C (125°C – optional);
  • The speed of the bottom motor is from 0 to 3000rpm;
  • Item is equipped with automatic tilting, lid opening/closing system;
  • Direct cooking under vacuum / under pressure with the hot steam through the nozzles. Steam is filtered up to 1μml;
  • Indirect cooking/cooling under vacuum / under pressure with the help of double jacket;
  • For full control, item is equipped with the PLC and touch screen display;
  • 10 different recipes can be saved in the item’s memory.
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Benefits for your dairy experience

Short batch times

Product, depending of the quantity and recipe, is processed within 8-12 minutes.

Configurable for many different applications

Every product, that has to be mixed, cooked, cooled, dispersed, emulsified, deaerated and etc. can be prepared with UCM series machine.

Complete product emptying (minimal losses)

With the help of automated tilting, product discharge pneumatic valve and pressure, product can be easily discharged to the product transport line or container.

Energy efficient

Maximum total electric power consumption is approximately 49kW (400V, 50Hz).

Very few manual operating procedures

With the help of touch screen display, motor speed, vacuum, pressure applications, temperatures, amount of water, product discharge through pneumatic valve control, tilting/lifting, lid opening/closing, CIP automation (optional) can be easily done. All those procedures can also be done automatically with the sequence, values and duration, that are preset in the recipes.

Easy to integrate in a production line

It is an independent machine, and it is compatible with various homogenizers, packing machines.

Connection with external devices.

Production data can be easily transferred to external systems for batch report analysis, recipes and spare parts management.


  • CIP system;
  • CIP automation;
  • Lobe pumps (2 t/h.);
  • Operating temperature conversation to 125°C;
  • Creaming balance tank with the capacity from 300l to 2000l (1000l recommended). Used to adjust the temperature of the product prior to its packaging, to obtain the necessary texture of the product, for balancing the filler machine. Equipped with an electric motor (1.5kW 30 rpm) to mix the product. For heating or cooling, steam or cold water can be supplied to the double jacket.

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