Metal parts

Company FASA manufactures various metal parts. FASA is able to manufacture metal parts for the transport and industrial sectors.  We are ready to serve you as subcontractors in metal parts manufacturing. We have all metal processing facilities from moulding to the final product. Metal parts are manufactured from stainless steel and black metal

CNC Turning

We use OKUMA SPACETURN LB 3000EX machine for CNC turning.

  • Speed of spindle: 4000 rotations/min.
  • Tool stations: 12
  • Distance between centers: 400 mm.
  • Maximum diameter of spindle: 250 mm.

CNC Milling

We use 3 axes (X;Y;Z) MAZAK VERTICAL CENTER NEXUS 510C-II machine for CNC milling.

  • The arsenal contains 30 tools.
  • Speed of spindle: 12000 rotations/min.
  • Table stroke: 1300x510x570 mm.


  • Center-type turning: maximum diameter of the part – 630 mm, length – 1500 mm.
  • Carousel-type turning: maximum diameter of the part –  1600 mm, height – 1000 mm.


We provide both vertical and horizontal parts of milling.
Maximum parts dimensions – 1000x1000x1000 mm.


We use programmed and universal boring machines.
Maximum parts dimensions – 1000x1000x1000 mm


  • Precise, smooth surface polishing. Maximum length of the parts – 1250 mm, width – 320 mm
  • External cylindrical surface polishing. Maximum length of the parts – 1250 mm, diameter -200 mm
  • Parts internal polishing. Maximum length of the parts – 80 mm, diameter of a hole – 100 mm

Gear wheel treatment

We treat the following types of gear-wheels.

  • Treatment of conical gear-wheels: maximum module m=10, diameter – 125 mm.
  • Treatment of cylindrical gear-wheels: maximum module m=10, diameter – 500 mm.



We produce various production of metal moulding, including treatment, cleaning manually and cleaning by pellet sling according to separate orders from Lithuania and abroad countries.


We weld aluminum, structural steel, bronze and stainless steel parts. We perform welding by using:

  • Electrodes
  • Wire (in the environment of carbon dioxide)
  • Stainless steel (in the environment of argon)


Surface treatment with pellet sling

Cleaning by pellet sling is very important in the process of production. It includes cleaning of mouldings, improvement of surface quality before coating and treatment of metal construction. Cleaning accomplished in a special machine.
Maximum measurements of the parts: 1000x1000x500 mm.

Surface treatment with vitreous globules

Cleaning by vitreous globules improves stainless steel surface quality. We use small vitreous globules for better effect. The process accomplished in a separated room.


We dye various metals using wet method.  Parts are dried in a specially adapted camera. Parts can be luted before the dyeing.

Metal heat treatment

      We provide the following services:
  • Hardening of the parts in the electric furnaces. It contains maximum weight of 10kg.
  • HDSHardening (surface hardening of structural steel using high-frequency current).
  • Cementing of low carbon steel.


We provide these services:

  • Oxidation
  • Chrome
  • Electrochemical polishing

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