FASA Successful expansion in North America

Successful expansion in North America

After successful debut in Chicago at the world-class exhibition, FASA just over a half year in US market, reached 0.8 million EUR turnover. Also, a subsidiary company was established and named FASA North America LLC.

Since 1959 the company is operating in food, dairy and other products packaging equipment design, manufacture, modernization and non-standard equipment automation. FASA exports its products to 30 countries around the world: Japan, Suriname, Honduras, Vietnam, India, the United States, Rwanda, Pakistan etc. However, the main market, according to last year results, still remains Russia and the CIS countries.

“In today’s economic situation in Russia, the CIS countries cannot be a key market to sustainable company. Over the past few years we were growing the volume of export to other world markets, including USA, but the biggest breakthrough was after FASA debut in “Process expo 2015” – assures FASA CEO Karolis Samušis.

After the last fall in Chicago (USA) held exhibition “Process Expo 2015”, during last days of the year 2015 FASA North America LLC was established. “During half-year in a new market, which raises very high demands on food packaging machinery, we managed to reach 0.8 million EUR turnover. So, the establishment of the subsidiary was the next strategically logical step, especially having in mind that USA on this continent is not the only market in which we have to offer our products” – says the CEO of FASA. During this year the company plans to double the financial performance and expand its activities in Canada and Central America also to ensure the independence of the company in terms of exports to constantly retreating Russian market.

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